Win-Win Standards

We’re all about creating cocoa-free chocolate alternatives that are 100% delicious and that are better for the planet. It’s a Win-Win!

All our choc alternatives save a whole load of carbon emissions, compared to conventional chocolate, as verified by MyEmissions. MyEmissions independently assessed our carbon footprint at every step of our value chain; from cradle-to-store, looking at ingredients, processes, transportation and packaging.

According to its analysis, our dark and vegan m•lk products emit 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, while our dairy milk products emit 85-90% fewer CO2 emissions than their conventional chocolate equivalents. 

We’re committed to bringing you the tastiest cocoa-free chocolate. One that consumers love, with a much lower carbon footprint and zero human exploitation. We use whole, abundant and ethically sourced ingredients and are constantly improving the sustainability of our products.

To provide a clear picture of the sustainability benefits and impact our choc delivers, just one box of our 10kg dark choc alternative saves the equivalent carbon footprint of driving a standard car in the UK all the way from London to Edinburgh. That’s huge!

If we were to replace just 5% of the world’s chocolate consumption, we would have saved the equivalent CO2 emissions of driving around the earth about a million times!

Interested in using Win-Win choc to replace conventional chocolate in your products to hit your sustainability targets? Get in touch to find out how we can help you. Because change tastes delicious.